and heres a short vid of my last run of Bujagali and Brickyard



We took a break from our training to head off to the first round of the alpine cup. An awesome time was had by all. Great partys and cool people and even had my welcome to Graz ride. Finished 4th in the end and have discovered a lot of stuff to work on.

Heres a cool vid from Phillip Hitzigrath


oh and we got interviewed for a magazine


Christmas to Easter

I spent a couple of months back home in Ireland to compete in team trials and other Irish competitions and to save money for the summer.Heres some pics and vids.

Wacko on the Jacko

Photos courtesy of Katie McMullen

Sluice Trials

Video courtesy of Conor Macken

Clifden Trials

video courtesy of sluice crew

Competion results so far –

4th k1 mens Wacko on the jacko (first time in a k1 creeker in 6 months)

1st c1 Team trials

Next stop Corsica and then Europe.

Bye for now Orky.

p.s heres my new toy

uganda vid

Heres a short vid I made of my time paddling in uganda.

Also heres some photos from my 3 months in Uganda

The Weir

Conor Bredin  and myself made the journey up to galway for a short session on  a wave there.We met up with Barry Loughnane who was back from his uganadan exploits that day.The wave proved to be quite steep and crashing and tough to paddle. All we managed was a few blunts and a lot of wipeouts. We will definitely be back to try and figure it out as it has huge potential and even front surfing it is an amazing feeling.

also heres a short video of some of the lir child staff messing around in the surf.

Unfortunately due to high water we only had 3 days of training in Plattling and then the unfortunate cancellation of the competition. High waters also forced us to move camp 3 times and eventualy take shelter in the canadians and new Zealanders hotel rooms.The lack of paddling and shared accomodation led to some serious internation bonding and partying.

So to sum it all up we got rained on a lot, socialised heavily with other nations, got in the local paper and Tom didnt get to paddle.Finished 11th in c1 and 6th in oc1. Roll on the world championship


Just a short video. I started skating agian this summer after a long absence still not great but I’m improving i guess. It’s been fun to learn a new sport again.